Swissair Lockheed Orion L-9 (diecast 1:?, NZG-Modelle)

  • Lockheed Orion L-9 (from 1931)
  • NZG-Modelle
  • 1:?
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • Swissair
  • Massstab ca. 1:100
  • unlimited
  • In near mint condition
  • Original package does not exist
  • Not for sale
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The built 1931-1935 Orion was the last wooden monoplane series of Lockheed.
Only 35 machines were built and Swissair was the only airline in Europe that used two of these aircraft.
On the former Express route Zurich-Munich-Vienna high-speed machines were used. They were called "Red Dog".

Technical specifications:
Capacity for 4 passengers and a pilot
Range 950 km
Cruising speed 290 km / h
Max. Speed ​​360 km / h
Engine: Wright Cyclone 1820E with 575 hp

Whereabouts: CH 167 (HB-LAH) was sold to Paris on 11 November 1936th

An anecdote:
As with Swissair the first flight of the Orion to Munich and Vienna decency, was added to the flight time by 2 hours. In Munich we stopped short and asked back, it must surely 4 !!!! glad hours. Zurich confirmed the 2 hour ....... The Orion was more than twice as fast as the aircraft previously used.
Thus reasoned Swissair their reputation as future-oriented airline.

The copy only remaining one Orion is now at the Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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