Alfa Romeo 158 (1:50, Distler)

  • Alfa Romeo 158 (from 1950)
  • Distler
  • 1:50
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • plate
  • mit weisser Dekoration (brilliant finish)
  • Schwarze Räder, silbriger Boden
  • unlimited
  • Slight shortcomings / damage
  • Original package does not exist
  • Not for sale
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A "Penny Toy", mostly a free gift to confectionery, cheap and simple.

There's about the story, that (quote) "the Haribo company sought a new but still very affordable advertising opportunity for their confectionery and bought 1940s the stock built in 1935 by Distler on the penny toy Mercedes silver arrow race cars and placed their Haribo Lakritzen advertising on them".

If these figures are correct (no one guarantees for), it might not be Alfetta. They came up at the earliest in 38 in this shape. So why not built by DISTLER in 1938?

In two respects, I can not agree with the declaration at the beginning:
Closest types were the Mercedes W25 and W125 (1930s), but they are very different from the model at hand:

1. W125: The grille is probably similar (partially) to that of the Alfetta, but consists of two round holes left and right and a central oval section. Similar desription is valid for W 25. In addition, the rear axles are far out covered by the bodywork at Mercedes.

2. W154: The grill is almost round with lateral bulges in halfway up.

The Alfetta "Mouth" however, is always all-open and wide at the bottom only. The body is never extended far at the back ... and that's exactly how these DISTLER models look. It's an ALFETTA!

HARIBO Models will follow at other sides.

Author: Alfazest

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