Opel Manta B Mattig (diecast 1:43, BoS-Models)

  • Opel Manta B Mattig (from 1984)
  • BoS-Models
  • 1:43
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • Gelb/Blau/Pink Metallic (brilliant finish)
  • Bertis Manta B aus dem deutschen Kultfilm "Manta, Manta"
  • BOS43275 / 193923 (EAN)
  • Limited to 300 pieces
  • online dealer (ck-modelcars.de)
  • 49,90 EUR
  • In near mint condition
  • Original package exists
  • Not for sale
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The film "Manta Manta" with Til Schweiger alias (Bertie) & Tina Ruland alias (Uschi)
In My Collection
From now on, he is in the House of History in Bonn (the exhibition "Lovers - used - hated, the Germans and their cars") from 10.3.2017-21.1.2018

The first exhibit will be on February 6th
2017 the original Opel Manta from the film
"Manta, Manta" (1991) in the exhibition at the
House of History. About 1.2 million
People saw the comedy with Til
Schweiger and Tina Ruland in the cinema. Of the
Yellow-blue Opel sports cars - the colors
Were specially mixed for this car -
With rear spoiler, rear apron, front spoiler
And scoop on the bonnet
1990 extra tuned and secret
Movie star Like choosing a particular
Automarke and the equipment as a mirror
Of a social milieu
Can, shows the Opel Manta B
In the exhibition area

It has become quiet around him. Nobody makes more jokes at his expense and his time than in the wortinne mad funny center of screen or screen is over. He had had a last laugh success, of course broadened and spoiled, a few years ago in a petrol station spot. Countless mantas, manni, blondes and broadsides jokes circulated in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Coronation of the Komik cult were films like "Manta, Manta" or "Manta - the film", which ultimately led to the fact that only completely painless drivers with their manta on the road dared.
The Opel Manta is a five-seat passenger car from Adam Opel AG, which came onto the market in September 1970 as Manta A. The car is the technically identical coupé version of the Opel Ascona A sedan presented two months later. The Coupé with a four-cylinder, four-cylinder front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive was launched as a competitor to the Ford Capri, which had been built since the end of 1968.
The Manta A was initially offered with three different CIH engines, which were also used in the larger Rekord C sedan: two 1.6-liter variants with 68 hp or 80 hp and the 1.9-l version with 90 hp.
When the last Manta B came off the assembly line in August 1988, his technique was overhauled with the Starrachse (center joint axle) from the Kadett of 1967 and the CIH engines produced since 1965, although the last models already with uncontrolled catalyst and 5-speed Gearboxes. For Opel, the Manta was a success: of both model series were built together 1,056,436 cars. Thank you BoS models in the domestic garage.
Manta B (1975-1988): 557,940 units, thereof 95,116 Manta CC.
Production by years: 1975 total of 37,342 units, 1976 total of 114,259 units, 1977 total of 82,167 units, 1978 total of 64,053 units, 1979 total of 59,036 units, 1980 total of 33,966 units, 1981 total of 21,845 units, 1982 total of 23,483 units, 1983 total of 32,066 units, 1984 A total of 24,812 units, 1985 total 16,244 units, 1986 total 12,571 units, 1987 total 9,102 units, 1988 a total of 3,688 units "Boah, ey"

Opel Manta B GT/E Mattig Breitbau (Berti's Manta)
Manta B
Production period: 1975-1988
Body versions: Coupé, Kombicoupé
Engines: Ottomotors:
1.2-2.4 liters
(40-106 kW)
Length: 4450 mm
Width: 1670-1700 mm
Height: 1330 mm
Wheelbase: 2520 mm
Empty weight: 1000-1065 kg
Previous model: Opel Manta A
Successor model: Opel Calibra

MANTA MANTA - The Movie Vehicle Https://www.facebook.com/mantamanta.filmfahrzeug/?ref=page_internal

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