BMW Mini Cooper (R50) (diecast 1:43, Minichamps BMW Mini Dealer Edition)

  • BMW Mini Cooper (R50) (from 2001)
  • Minichamps BMW Mini Dealer Edition
  • 1:43
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • Cosmosschwarz Metallic (brilliant finish)
  • Weiß Dach und Weiß Außenspiegel. Schiebe Hebedach. Händler-Edition !
  • 80420029828 / 80420029828 (EAN)
  • unlimited
  • locale dealer (Autohaus Rolf Horn GmbH Düren Mini & BMW Vertagshändler)
  • 25,00 EUR
  • In near mint condition
  • Original package exists
  • Not for sale
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BMW Mini Cooper

In five different body styles and numerous special models, the BMW Group has been producing the 2001 Mini Cooper. It is a modern remake of the classic Mini of Morris from the MG Rover Group, which made a splash early 90s and a symbol of driving pleasure was. Its unusual shape and the depth roadholding stood in stark contrast to all the then-known car models.
In 1994, the German car maker BMW, MG Rover Group of Britain. This was also the produced by Morris Mini. From the MG Rover Group to BMW parted briefly back on, but kept the Mini Cooper in the program. The technical development was carried out from now on in Munich. The car was produced still in Oxford, home of the original Morris plant, which was renamed in BWM Works Oxford. Only the Mini Cooper Paceman runs the Austrian Magna Steyr factory assembly line. The vehicle belongs to the category of small cars and is manufactured with different body shapes. Here is the Mini Cooper hatchback in its third generation and the second generation of models The developments of 2001 and 2006 provided
For the new Mini Cooper, BMW various equipment versions and came up with designs. In the UK, the actual concept was to build a small car at a low price, which requires little space. Therefore, the origin Mini had small wheels, so they claimed no place in the interior. The new Mini Cooper, however, was intended as a lifestyle vehicle, have a go-kart like handling and should be very reliable. Already in 2003, reached the car in the ADAC breakdown statistics the first place. For this series different engines were available. From the Toyota Yaris 75 hp diesel engine for the Mini One D. came as petrol engines were available:

• A 90 HP motor for the Mini Cooper model "One"
• A 115 hp engine for the Mini Cooper *
• A 170 hp supercharged engine for the Mini Cooper S

All three petrol engines were manufactured by Tritec, a joint venture with Chrysler in Brazil. The differences between the models
Already visually at first glance you could see the individual models of the Mini Cooper distinguish good from each other. When Model One and One D, the roof was always painted in the color of the car. The slats on the grille and exterior mirrors were black. Until 2004, the One D, the front and rear aprons of the old Mini Morris. The Mini Cooper, the roof was painted either in the body color or contrast in black or white. The grille was completely chromed. The Mini Cooper S, however, had a radiator grille, which was painted in the body color, had a separate air intake and exhaust through a double-flow in the middle of the newly designed rear apron. In 2004 there were an extensive facelift for the entire fleet. In addition, BMW started production of the Mini Cooper Convertible. The convertible version was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2004. The soft top was fully automatic, but could like a sunroof also be opened only partially. The tailgate could be fold down like a pickup. The Cabrio there were in all three models, so as Mini One, Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S.

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