Mercedes-Benz C9 Sauber (1:18, Exoto)

  • Mercedes-Benz C9 Sauber (from 1987)
  • Exoto
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • Standox (brilliant finish)
  • Liquid silver, # 1055/2000
  • EXOTO / 18190 (EAN)
  • Limited to 2.000 pieces
  • Not specified
  • Not specified
  • Not for sale
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This is a liquid silver C9 # 1055/2000 or 'Standox'. This is what Exoto says on their site about the special paint :

"Standox paints achieve their unique effect through a very specific layering process. Each layer has its own unique properties that are revealed in the reflection and refraction of light. They also can behave differently in low- and high-intensity light, leaving the proud owner of one of these unique collectibles to spend hours exploring the myriad of colors that await them just beneath the surface. Turn the collectible in the light and marvel at the distinct colors that sweep across the highly polished surface!"

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