Mercedes-Benz C218 CLS - Klasse (1:18, Norev)

  • Mercedes-Benz C218 CLS - Klasse (from 2011)
  • Norev
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • Designo Alubeam titanium (brilliant finish)
  • Dealer edition,
  • NOREV / 66961298 (EAN)
  • unlimited
  • Not specified
  • Not specified
  • Not for sale
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1:18 Mercedes-Benz CLS (C218) manganitgrau shape (MB)
Norev, Art.-Nr. B6 696 1297

1:18 Mercedes-Benz CLS (C218) obsidianschwarz-met. (MB)
Norev, Art.-Nr. B6 696 1296

This is a nice heavy model, again made by Norev. Smooth paintfinish (though I thougt the Alubeam would be a little more special). Leds in front and back. The engine hood can be opened by pushing a little plastic pin at the bottom of the car.

Carpeted interior, detailed dash, but they "applied" an very ugly black decall at the passenger side of the dashboard.

Quotes of some fellow collectors :

"Looks like a CLS 4matic Allroad Would look great lowered. I think replicating Alubeam would be way too expensive for diecasts, they should have just called it silver! Hope the permanent extreme redlining on your CLS doesn't damage the engine" (Carbonsigma)

"I thought the same thing...typical Norev. They screw up the ride height on so many of their models. " (Gavin)

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