Mercedes-Benz L322 D22h 'Feuerwehr' (1:18, Schuco)

  • Mercedes-Benz L322 D22h 'Feuerwehr' (from 1958)
  • Schuco
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • red (brilliant finish)
  • Freiw. Feuerwehr Münnerstadt
  • SCHUCO / 00155 (EAN)
  • unlimited
  • Not specified
  • Not specified
  • Not for sale
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It’s the 1966 L322 D22h “Feuerwehr” (fire truck) produced by Schuco..another amazing release (next to the Unimogs – I know…ugly cars ). I had to take this one outside to take some decent photos because in full operating status, it’s huge…
Price between 189 E (0) and 229 E (0)

Exterior :

In one view, it’s a nicely detailed car, with a lot of (readable) labels, hooks, handles and opening parts…the paint could be better…there are some flaws in the chrome work on different spots and on one storage door, the paint is a little rough. I tried to soften it with a little wax, but the paint was coming of, so I stopped rubbing….

The ladder mechanism on the platform can turn around 360°…both front doors and engine hood open and there are four opening storage doors…these spaces contain two different fire-extinguishers, four hose-pipes, one backpack and two hose-heads that all look very realistic and can be removed….On one side of the truck there is a big search-light and a double tuned (?) horn…

Interior :

Very detailed interior with a communication unit (portable phone) on a white dashboard, no carpets of course…

Ladder-unit :

The ladder is also made out of diecast and consists out of 4 parts, 3 of those parts can be fully extended into the air and one part, a little ladder is used to allow the firefighters ascend on the main ladder….

Total height : 130 cm (4.250 ft)

Under the ladder there is a screen attached to see if the ladder is in a safe position when extended….

Author: MBC112

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