Honda City Turbo II (diecast 1:18, AUTOart Millennium)

  • Honda City Turbo II (from 1983)
  • AUTOart Millennium
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • silver (brilliant finish)
  • with Motocompo-Motorbike in yellow
  • Limited (pieces not known)
  • Perfect mint condition
  • Original package exists
  • Not for sale
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The Honda City is a small car, which enjoys great popularity especially in Japan.
The first version was from 1981 - built 1986th Starting in 1982, a turbo version came about, and in 1983 a "Turbo 2" mentioned variant.
The 1.2 liter engine of the Turbo 2 contributed 110 hp. Together with the low weight of the car by only 745 kg, this guarantees sufficient driving pleasure.
The special feature of the Honda City is its surprisingly spacious holiday. In the trunk of a small motorcycle type "Motocompo" let accommodate.

Motorcycle "Motocompo":
The small motorcycle Honda NCZ 50 "Motocompo" was developed specifically for the then entered the market, Honda City.
The 50cc engine developed 2.5 hp and thus were 30 km / h are achieved.
The Kleinmotorrad is surprisingly well equipped. Light, turn signals, front and rear brakes with levers on the steering fork, suspension seat and fully collapsible.

The model:
A beautifully realized model of AUTOart. Minimum gap dimensions, perfect finish, many details in the interior such as carpeting with additional (real!) Rubber mats, seats with fabric imitation, boot with removable carpet and underlying spare. The reproduction of the engine is unique and the overall impression perfect.
A special highlight is the model is a version of the small motorcycle Honda NCZ at 50 (Motocompo). This miniature can be stowed in the trunk.

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