NSU 1000 C (diecast 1:18, Revell)

  • NSU 1000 C (from 1967)
  • Revell
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • beige (brilliant finish)
  • Limited (pieces not known)
  • In near mint condition
  • Original package does not exist
  • Not for sale
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The NSU 1000 / 1000c was created in 1967 from the model "NSU Prinz".
Here, the engine power compared to the "Prince" was reduced by 3 hp and converted the fuel to regular gasoline.
The NSU and its various model forms .... TT, TTS were very often the basis for conversions and tuning in the racing sector.

4 cylinders, 1.0 liter displacement and 40 hp, maximum speed 135 km / h

The model:
Simple but beautifully implemented Revell model. The shape of this model comes from the year 2001. Again, a proof that Revell has built very very early "very good models. The doors sit on small hinges and the gap mass is pleasingly low. The interior is exemplary true "Spartan" but since properly implemented. The engine in the rear is also quite simple but good. The "trunk" front can not be opened.
The overall impression of this simple model is really good!

Also this model belongs once again to the "widely traveled". Purchased in Lucerne, photographed on the Attersee in Upper Austria and Central Switzerland, ie within a radius of about 600 km. :)

Author: Oldtimer

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