Mercedes 300C Limousine (diecast 1:18, Ricko)

  • Mercedes 300C Limousine (from 1955)
  • Ricko
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • beige (brilliant finish)
  • unlimited
  • In near mint condition
  • Original package does not exist
  • Not for sale
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The Mercedes 300C type ....... probably one of the Ceremonial vehicles par excellence. Aka "Adenauer Mercedes" and predestined to show leaders and other celebrities ......
Engine: 3-liter displacement, 6-cylinder, 125 horsepower. This is enough for about 160 km / h then a quite impressive value.
The purchase price at that time was almost the equivalent of a half-family house ......

An anecdote on the edge: The story goes that the then Chancellor Konrad Adenauer also got to view another great German cars when choosing a service vehicle. When entering into the rear of this vehicle, he joined in the hat at the door edge and the hat fell to the ground. Without this vehicle even more to look at, Adenauer got out, went back to his Mercedes and refused afterwards, another vehicle even looking. Thus the subject of another service vehicle was stopped, and the Mercedes 300 was his nickname.

The model:
A great model for a moderate price. Acceptable gap mass, a beautiful finish and a surprisingly well detailed interior. Carpeting and a cloth-like flocking the seat cushion.
The engine compartment should be performed slightly better, but there are two complete and removable spare wheels found in the trunk.
The overall impression is very good.

Author: Oldtimer

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