BMW 700 LS Luxus (diecast 1:18, Signature Models)

  • BMW 700 LS Luxus (from 1962)
  • Signature Models
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • beige (brilliant finish)
  • unlimited
  • In near mint condition
  • Original package does not exist
  • Not for sale
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With the BMW 700 is returned at BMW from the unconventional design of the model 600 back to the "usual" appearance of a car.
However, DC was the engine that still came from a motorcycle.
A two-cylinder boxer with 700cc engine capacity in the rear contributed 30-32 hp (in the sport version 40 hp). That was enough for a speed of 120-125 km / h.
Front was a small trunk, the petrol tank and the spare wheel.
Was built the 700 series from 1959-1965. The sedan was created two years after introduction of the coupe.
The car was considered a competitor to, but cheaper, VW Beetle.

The model:
Beautifully converted by Signature Models. The interior is nice, but simply designed, as is the engine compartment and the "trunk" in the front. The overall impression is very good.
The model acts in direct comparison with other models 1:18 small and clarifies the dimensions very well.

In the last picture, the sedan can be seen with the Coupe.

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