DeLorean DMC-12 (diecast 1:18, Sunstar)

  • DeLorean DMC-12 (from 1981)
  • Sunstar
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • gebürstetes Edelstahl (matt finish)
  • unlimited
  • In near mint condition
  • Original package does not exist
  • Not for sale
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A cult car, but received this honor late ....
Built 1981-1982 at a plant in Ireland, under the direction of an American, with english subs, a design from Italy and with an engine from France ..... Really "multiculturalism" ....
The car was not very successful. Firstly, the rather weak engine (a collaboration between Renault and Volvo) was determined guilt, on the other hand, the general processing which did not meet expectations. So the crowded electronics with double doors were overwhelmed with just one spring dampers and were accordingly repair.

2.8 liter displacement, 6-cylinder, 132 hp, top speed 200 km / h.

Author: Oldtimer

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