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Although my passion for 1:18 diecast models started when I was a kid (I started collecting Bburagos when I was 7-8 years old and I even reached to have all the models in Bburago's catalog, until they started releasing a high number of models every year...), it hasn't been until four years ago when I started collecting models again, but this time top quality models in 1:18 (over the years, budget has increased ... hehehe!) like CMC, Exoto, TSM, Kyosho and Autoart.

The subject (or rather, the aim of the collection over time) is:

- Old timers: all models except 1 are from the 80's or older - Race Cars: either F1, Mille Miglia, Rally, LM, etc.
- Everything with Martini decoration (especially Porsche and Lancia)
- racing / F1 CMC and Exoto's Ferrari , mainly classics
- Re. Rally cars I want to focus on Group B and mythical models from earlier times (Stratos, Alpine, Fulvia, etc)
- Last, but less priority are modern supercars: I currently have only the Zonda R, and other models I've in mind are McLaren F1 LM, Enzo, Koenigsegg One, Maserati Minichamps 12, Veyron SS, etc.

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