Alfa Romeo 2900 B (1:24, Franklin Mint)

  • Alfa Romeo 2900 B (from 1938)
  • Franklin Mint
  • 1:24
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • black (brilliant finish)
  • offenes oder geschlossenes Verdeck möglich
  • Limited to 2.500 pieces
  • In near mint condition
  • Original package exists
  • Not for sale
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Delightful extremes like the diminutive Type 35 racer and behemoth Type 41 Royale emerged from Bugatti workshops between the world wars, along with sporting models like the Type 57 and its shorter wheelbase (117.3" vs. 130") variant, the Type 57S. At Bugatti, inspired engineering and meticulous craftsmanship went hand-in-glove with rakish coachwork, often by Gangloff. One of the most fetching creations from this "carrosserie" for the Type 57 was the Atlante coupe, its low silhouette and urgency of line giving the impression of 120 MPH standing still. This was not at all inappropriate when fitted to the Type 57SC, the rare and startlingly fast supercharged version: With 200 BHP emanating from its 3.3 liter DOHC inline 8, it could easily achieve this speed.

Does FM's replica, introduced in 1991, do justice to the magnificent original? In my opinion, no, mainly because such a car deserves only the highest caliber of modeling finesse, applied with passion. The model is workmanlike, the body properly lithe - but coddled in fenders that lack voluptuousness. The wire spoke wheels are finely molded but slightly undersize in diameter, and detract from, rather than compliment, the whole. Door and hood gaps are tight, and engine, chassis and interior detailing very adequate (save for the "sticker" dashboard), leaving us with a reasonably representative model; but still a little hungry, perhaps, for a retooling to present standards of replication.

Author: Uwek

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