Volkswagen Käfer (1:18, Maisto)

  • Volkswagen Käfer (from 1951)
  • Maisto
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • Gloss Black (brilliant finish)
  • beige interior
  • unlimited
  • Slight shortcomings / damage
  • Original package exists
  • Not for sale
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I got this bug because I love the split window bugs in black, it has some quite good details for its age and for a maisto car such as: suspension all around. the paintwork is not the best like many low budget cars it has a few dimples and has a few paint chips but I don't care its just a charming cheap little car, just like the real beetles were intended to be.

Defects / shortcomings:
small paint chippings around doors, boot and bonnet

Author: vee-dubTom

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