Delahaye 135 MS Speciale Cabriolet Falaschi & Figoni (1:43, Chromes Ilario)

  • Delahaye 135 MS Speciale Cabriolet Falaschi & Figoni (from 1939)
  • Chromes Ilario
  • 1:43
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • green (brilliant finish)
  • CHRO037 / 60173 (EAN)
  • Limited (pieces not known)
  • Perfect mint condition
  • Original package exists
  • Invite offers
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1939 Delahaye 135MS "Speciale" Figoni et Falaschi Cabriolet 60173 - did not sell for 800,000 Fascinating early history; purchased new by ‘La Mome Moineau’. Single ownership for past three decades.Distinctive three-position top. Research conducted with Claude Figoni. The only surviving example known to exist of five built. Matching numbers.
Gallery: 2011 Monterey Auction by RM

Standing for Modifie Speciale, the 135 MS was the definitive version of Delahaye's signature chassis. It had 100 mph performance which included it with the fastest cars in the world.

When the MS was released in 1938, its chassis had already won many victories including LeMans with special competition versions built for sporting clientele. These earlier cars featured three carburetors and special inlet ports and a six-port exhaust manifold which was later included for the first time on road cars with the 135 MS.

First shown at the 1935 Paris Auto Show, the 135 was an lower, more powerful and sporting version of the 18HP model it replaced. This model was updated in 1937, to include the 3,557cc engine in various states of tune. The the 135M or Modifie featured either one or three caburettors for 95hp or 115hp. The top model was the Modifie Speciale (MS) with 135hp.

As an option, the pre-selective Cotal transmission was available which used a gearshift lever mounted near the steering wheel to electromagnetically change gears. While totally complicated and hard to maintain, the clutch only had to be used for starting and stopping.

One aspect that made these Delahayes special were their connection to the great French carrosseris that made extravagant bodies and interiors for them. These were sometimes built for a Concours d'Elegance and most were almost always executed by Figoni et Falaschi who had a great sense of sweeping styles and subtle chrome decoration called brightwork. Many other great companies bodied the 135 MS including Saoutchik, Guillore, Chapron and Franay.

Unfortunately the 135MS was the last great car made by Delahaye. After the war they continued producing the same chassis restyled with a radiator grille and hood by designer Philippe Charbonneaux, but it was showing its age. In 1951, the 135 was replaced by the 235, which wasn't very different.

60112 - 1938 Figoni & Falaschi Figoni & Falaschi Coupe - This car was exhibited at the 1938 Paris Salon alongside a V12 Delayahe Coupe on the Figoni et Falaschi's stand. Unique features included rack & pinion gear for the windows, and teardorp shape and flowing brightwork. In the postwar, it was owned by Madame Michele Gautier and the front grill was reduced as well as driving lights were added to the front fenders. After negotiating for 21 years, it was bought by Antoine Raffa�lli and was restored by Conforti Freres of the Quartier du Port in Nice in 1986-87. It was then sold from 1998 Dragone Classic Motorcars of Connecticut to the now defunct Rosso Bianco Collection. In 1006 it was sold at Bonhams Sale of Collectors' Motorcars on 18 Aug 2006 at the Quail Lodge in Carmel, California for 550 000 USD plus Premium and tax.

100114 - 1946 Guillore Break de Chase - This is the only Delayahe 135 Woody. Called the Break de Chasse, it was built for Marcel Mongin, after he retired from Delahaye's as a factory works driver. Accordingly, the car was converted from a 135 MS racecar and went sent to Guillore Carrossiers to receive its special body. The car underwent a mild restoration in 1991 and the wood was resurfaced, but almost every part of the car is original.

800484 - 1947 Letourneur & Marchand Cabriolet - This postwar cabriolet is one of Letourneur & Marchand's last bodies and features their signature aerodynamic profile and flowing chrome accents. This car was restored by Hinds Automotive gallery and Auto Europa before ending up in the now defunct Rosso Bianco Collection. It sold at Bonhams Sale of Collectors' Motorcars on 18 Aug 2006 at the Quail Lodge in Carmel, California for 5 000 USD plus Premium and tax.

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