NASA Space Shuttle "Atlantis" (1:100, Executive Series Display Models)

  • NASA Space Shuttle "Atlantis" (from 1985)
  • Executive Series Display Models
  • 1:100
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • resin
  • white
  • E83100
  • In near mint condition
  • Original packaging exists
  • Invite offers

The Magnificent Space Shuttle Atlantis: A Tribute

This exquisite miniature model in 1/100 scale, manufactured by Executive Series Display Models, is a detailed representation of the legendary Space Shuttle Atlantis. The original Atlantis was one of NASA’s most remarkable orbiter vehicles in the Shuttle fleet. Lovingly crafted from high-quality resin, this model captures the essence of the shuttle’s unique design and rich history, making it a prized addition to any collection. Resin manufacturing involves pouring liquid resin into a mold and allowing it to harden, resulting in a smooth, highly detailed finish that highlights every intricate feature of the model.

A Glimpse Into Atlantis's History

The actual Atlantis orbiter, constructed in 1985, represents the fourth generation of NASA's shuttle program. Engineered by Rockwell International, the Atlantis measures 37.2 meters in length, has a wingspan of 23.8 meters, and stands 17.25 meters tall. It weighs approximately 80,700 kilograms when empty. Capable of reaching speeds up to 28,000 kilometers per hour, the shuttle could carry payloads to destinations within a low Earth orbit range of approximately 740 kilometers. The total cost for producing the Atlantis was around 6 million, showcasing the significant investment in human space exploration.

Technical Marvels and Features

Equipped with three RS-25 main engines, the Atlantis's propulsion system was a marvel of engineering, credited to Rocketdyne. These engines, each providing a thrust of 1,860 kN, allowed the shuttle to achieve impressive operational capabilities. In addition, the orbiter housed a robust heat shield system comprising approximately 24,300 thermal protection tiles, ensuring safe re-entry through the Earth's atmosphere. The Atlantis was also furnished with nine onboard computers to control flight operations and manage various critical systems, making it a sophisticated spacecraft of its time.

Iconic Atlantis Missions

The Atlantis first launched on STS-51-J from Kennedy Space Center on October 3, 1985, lasting over four days and serving a classified Department of Defense mission. During its journey, the orbiter successfully deployed military satellites. On May 1997, STS-84 saw the shuttle visit Russia’s Mir Space Station, marking a successful space collaboration that included crew and equipment exchanges aimed at fostering international cooperation. Additionally, the STS-135 mission, which commenced on July 8, 2011, was a landmark event as the final flight of the Space Shuttle Program. This 13-day mission supported the International Space Station (ISS) by delivering essential supplies and research materials. These missions, reflecting collaborative efforts involving NASA and international partners, underscored the Atlantis's pivotal role in advancing space exploration.

Livery: A Biden To Its Formidable Legacy

This high-precision miniature model’s livery accurately reflects the Atlantis's distinctive exterior, adorned in the classic NASA white with black and grey accents. Particular attention to detail is evident in the accurate placement of the NASA logo, mission insignias, and the unmistakable "United States" lettering, enhancing the model’s authenticity. This 1/100 scale masterpiece, produced by Executive Series Display Models, comes with a stable wooden base, perfect for display and admiration. Collectors will appreciate the historical significance captured in this resin-manufactured replica, truly celebrating the legacy of the famed Space Shuttle Atlantis.

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