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Dear Modelly members,

as announced in our newsletter before, Modelly will be closed temporarily due to the new data protection laws in Europe. (GDPR)

The reason ist that the new privacy protection regulations inside the EU are very strict and for me as the manager and devloper of the Modelly community it is very complicated to find a compliant solution for such a 100% individual developed web portal.

We assume that we will be able to re-launch Modelly in March 2019.

Please note that our online shop won't be affected by that decision. That's because for web stores there are clear guidelines how you can make a website GDPR compatible and that's what we did.

If you have a paid Premium membership, there are two options for you. Usually we will extend your expiring date by the time we are going offline. If you don't like that idea you can of course also get a refund. If you have any questions, please send me an email to

Thank you for your understanding
Andy (Modelly admin)

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