BMW E39 M5 "Carbon Edition " (1:18, Customized)

  • BMW E39 M5 "Carbon Edition " (from 2002)
  • Otto Models Umgebautes Modell
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • resin
  • brown
  • In near mint condition
  • Original packaging exists
  • Not for sale
modelcar BMW E39 M5

The Classic: BMW E39 M5 Carbon Edition

The BMW E39 M5, built from 1998 to 2003, is an icon among sport sedans. As the successor to the E34 M5, the E39 M5 represents a significant phase in the development of BMW's M series. With a 4.9-liter V8 engine under the hood, delivering 400 hp and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque, this vehicle offered both power and elegance. Technological feats like the double VANOS technology and the six-speed manual gearbox made the BMW E39 M5 one of the most advanced vehicles of its time. The engineer heavily involved in the development of this model was Jürgen Maier. His expertise in engine systems significantly contributed to the overwhelming success of the vehicle.

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modelcar BMW E39 M5

Customized Miniature: BMW E39 M5 Carbon Edition by Otto Models

For miniature and model car collectors, this 1/18 scale model is a true treasure. Manufactured by Otto Models and based on resin material, this model car is an example of the attention to detail that impresses even the most discerning collectors. The described model belongs to the collection of Modelly member "Bmw-M-Fan". It is important to note that this model car has been modified and does not represent the product originally produced by Otto Models. The model showcases the typical lines and features of the BMW E39 M5, standing out for its precise replication of the front and rear lights and the fine body details. Particularly, the paintwork stands out with its brownish metallic surface, giving the vehicle a luxurious appearance.

modelcar BMW E39 M5

Exclusive Modifications and Tuning Accents

The modifications visible on this model recommend it as a collector's item for enthusiasts of individual vehicle customizations. The installed wheels on the model are from BBS and are of the CH-R type, giving the miniature vehicle a particularly sporty touch. Various tuning components like the front splitter in carbon look and the tinted headlights give the model a unique appearance. These special additions show that the owner placed great value on customization and detailed planning. The renowned tuning company Hartge, founded in 1971 in Germany, could have also influenced these modifications, making the model even more exclusive.

modelcar BMW E39 M5

Miniature Marvel: Detailed Design in 1/18 Scale

The precision of detail in this model is impressive and masterfully reflects the essential design elements of the BMW E39 M5. The interior is replicated down to the smallest detail, showcasing the characteristic beige leather seats of the original. The accurately reproduced dashboards and the lifelike steering wheel are noticeable. The bodywork, adorned with a deep black paint, emphasizes the elegance and dynamics of the vehicle. Every detail, from the fine struts in the front grille to the tiny panel gaps on the door and hood, testifies to the high craftsmanship in the production of Otto Models in the 1/18 scale. This modified model is a real collector's item and a highlight for any miniature car enthusiast.

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