BMW M3 Limousine (G80) (diecast 1:18, Minichamps)

  • BMW M3 Limousine (G80) (from 2020)
  • Minichamps
  • 1:18
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • diecast
  • green
  • 80435A51948
  • In near mint condition
  • Original packaging exists
  • Not for sale
modelcar BMW M3 Limousine (G80) produced by Minichamps 1:18 2

The Original BMW M3 Sedan G80

The BMW M3 Sedan (G80) represents the latest generation of the iconic M3 series and has been produced from 2020 until today. The development of the vehicle was overseen by German designer Markus Syring, while the technical details were refined by a team led by engineer Markus Flasch. The G80 is the first M3 model to come standard with all-wheel drive. The 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder engine with twin turbochargers produces an impressive 503 horsepower in the Competition version. These models can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in just 3.8 seconds. The G80 is based on the G20 series, which represents the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series and replaces its predecessor, the F80. A notable technical highlight is the adaptive suspension, which allows for individual settings for comfortable and sporty driving.

modelcar BMW M3 Limousine (G80) produced by Minichamps 1:18 3

Technical Characteristics of the BMW M3 G80

A distinctive feature of the BMW M3 Sedan (G80) is the grille design. The vehicle features a very wide kidney grille design that sparked a debate among BMW enthusiasts. However, this wide grille ensures optimal airflow and thus enhances cooling for the powerful engine. In addition to the standard all-wheel drive (xDrive), the G80 offers a variety of driving modes that allow the driver to adapt the vehicle to their driving style and road conditions.In the interior, high-quality materials such as leather and aluminum are used. The digital cockpit displays all essential vehicle information at a glance and is very user-friendly. The G80 is also equipped with advanced technology such as adaptive cruise control, various driver assist systems, and a high-resolution head-up display, making driving both safer and more comfortable.

modelcar BMW M3 Limousine (G80) produced by Minichamps 1:18 4

Detail and Precision of the 1/18 Scale Model by Minichamps

The model car shown here is an exact replica of the BMW M3 Sedan (G80). This 1/18 scale model was meticulously and authentically crafted by the manufacturer Minichamps. Special attention was paid to the paintwork, which perfectly replicates the original color. The metallic paint seen in the pictures in Emerald Green gives the model an impressive and realistic appearance. Also notable are the intricate details such as the faithful reproduction of the grille, the intricate wheels, and the precisely crafted headlights.This model car, belonging to the collection of Modelly member "neophyte1410," features opening doors, hood, and trunk, allowing for a detailed view of the engine bay and interior. The seats and dashboard in the interior are detailed, and even the steering wheel and pedals are realistically designed. The combination of these features highlights the quality and collector's value of this model, which is made based on diecast. It is an excellent example of the precision and craftsmanship of Minichamps.

modelcar BMW M3 Limousine (G80) produced by Minichamps 1:18 5

External Features and Special Paintwork of the Model Car

The model of the BMW M3 Sedan (G80) in 1/18 scale by Minichamps stands out with its unique paintwork. The Emerald Green metallic color seen in the photos is remarkable and gives the model a realistic and high-quality look. The paintwork is even and glossy, drawing attention to the distinctive shapes and flowing lines of the vehicle.The wheels of the model are exceptionally detailed and excellently crafted. However, no specific wheel manufacturer or model can be identified. The seats inside the model car are detailed with a contrasting color combination that adds a realistic depth to the interior. Special attention is also given to the accurately reproduced brand and model badges that complete the model and make it look authentic. These details make the model car a valuable collector's piece for any automotive enthusiast.

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