Porsche 935 Salzburg (1:43, SPARK)

  • Porsche 935 Salzburg (from 2018)
  • 1:43
  • Showcase model / No engine
  • resin
  • racing / multicolored
  • Perfect mint condition
  • Original packaging exists
  • Not for sale
Limited #1.817 of 1.935
modelcar Porsche 935 Salzburg produced by SPARK 1:43 2

The legendary Porsche 935 Salzburg in Detail

The Porsche 935 Salzburg, an iconic figure in motorsport and an impressive example of German engineering, is a successor to the famous Porsche models. Built in the 2019 generation, this vehicle has an impressive history. Originally developed for Group 5 races, the original Porsche 935 is a race car designed by the renowned designer Norbert Singer. The Porsche 935 was built to dominate the race track, and this special model is a detailed replica in 1/43 scale, manufactured by SPARK.

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Technical Features and Achievements of the Porsche 935 Salzburg

The original Porsche 935 was equipped with a 2.85-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine producing an impressive 760 horsepower. With a top speed of over 360 km/h (223 mph), this car was a true racing machine. The frame was made of aluminum and the body of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, resulting in a weight of around 970 kg (2,138 lbs). It achieved fame through drivers like Jacky Ickx and Jochen Mass, who led the car to many victories. The Porsche 935 Salzburg was built during the years 2019-2020, serving as a tribute to the legendary 935/78 "Moby Dick".

modelcar Porsche 935 Salzburg produced by SPARK 1:43 4

Racing Success Story

In its heyday, the Porsche 935 dominated race tracks worldwide. In the 1970s and 1980s, the car achieved numerous victories in Group 5. One of its greatest achievements was the overall victory at the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Porsche 935 was also highly successful in the German Racing Championship (DRM) and the IMSA GT Series in North America. Drivers like Rolf Stommelen and Reinhold Joest celebrated remarkable successes behind the wheel, making the 935 unforgettable in the racing scene.

Detailed Reproduction in 1/43 Scale

The model of the Porsche 935 Salzburg in 1/43 scale presented here was crafted by SPARK. This model car is made of high-quality resin and showcases remarkable detailing. Particularly striking is the distinctive Salzburg design in bright red with white racing stripes. The number 77 is visible on both sides of the doors and the hood. The Porsche logo in white is found on the windshield and rear wing, further complementing the model's appearance. The model build is an exclusive collector's item, limited to a production run of 1935 pieces worldwide.

Exclusive Paintwork and Sponsor Logos

The paintwork of the original Porsche 935 Salzburg is unmistakable. The bright red color scheme with the striking white racing stripes and the number 77 gives the vehicle a dynamic yet classic look. The original Porsche 935 also featured sponsor logos from Martini Racing and Dunlop, further emphasizing the professional racing car character. These details have been faithfully replicated in the model. The model clearly shows the attention to detail, from the sponsor decals to the fine lines and exact contours of the car.

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