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Modelly is a global network for model collectors, that connects those people all over the world. We invite you to show your collection on modelly and get connected with other people, that share your interests. Starting with model cars, Modelly will support model bikes, model railroad, model planes, model tanks and model ships - even any kind of (action) figures. You can show all those kind of models on your own modelly homepage. Upload images, embed YouTube videos, create your own categories and arrange the models the way you like. You'll see statistics about your collection and get your own modelly subdomain to reach and share your modelly homepage the easy way. Other collectors can comment and rate your collection so you'll see what modelly members think about it. If you don't like one of your models anymore, selling it in our model market is just a few clicks away.
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"b12cky" added a Jaguar XJ 6 2.8 (1:18).
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"StreetKing" added a Ferrari F50 (1:43).
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"xxlgs" added a Stewart 29X (1:43).
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"Play-X" added a Audi R8 GT (1:18).
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"Play-X" added a GAZ M-24 Volga (1:18).
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"PetrTrnka" added a McLaren MP4/28 (1:18).
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Interactive network for model enthusiasts

Modelly analyzes the composition of your collection. So modelly will find similar collections and members that share your interests. Collecting models never was that interesting and inspiring before. Connect with your friends or other collectors and modelly will inform you about every added model in those collections. A very individualized news page will show you interesting adds in other collections, new comments and any offers in the model market that match your interests.

The portal about models and diecast in the palm of your hand

Join some groups and discuss the quality and variants of models you like. Use facebook to promote and share your collection - so you'll get even more visitors and feedback on your modelly collection homepage. Take modelly and the whole huge models database with you, no matter where you are - modelly is not limited to your desktop pc but works great on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. With a very optimized usability for those kind of devices it's pure fun to visit modelly wherever you are!

We're looking forward to your collection and invite you to join the modelly community!