FrontiArt Model Co. Ltd

Frontiart Model Co., Ltd is formed by a group of avid modelers, who specialize in high performance simulation cars. Our team is comprised of skilled professionals dedicated in providing design, development, production.

All of our hand-built products are made of resin in 1:43, 1:18, 1:12 and 1:8 scale. With precise craftsmanship and high simulation technology, we promise to deliver top quality model cars with attention to fine details. We treat every project as a work of art and that is how we produce masterpieces to complete your collection.

The culture of our model car

Delicate model car is a blend of contemporary auto history and culture, science, technology and art perfect combination, witnessing the car culture of each era.

From the beginning of the design, each work is like an elf lives, beating the soul of music, more flawless unfold.

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