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Hello everybody
More by chance I came across this interesting forum.
My "nickname" already indicates two things ... firstly, my preference for vehicles of "older" vintage, and secondly, that I too ... somehow .... belong to the "older vintages" .... ( Let's say ... "Middle Ages" ...;))
I own a colorful collection. Especially in the scale 1:18, but also some 1: 24, 1: 43 and various models in other sizes are included. I appreciate every single piece of it and look forward to presenting it to you bit by bit.
I do not have a real "collective theme", I basically like what I like. Where I attach importance to well implemented models.
And so you find vehicles from the beginnings of the automobile, from the 30s as well to the 70s, 80s and younger ....
Simply vehicles that are in my eyes something "special" and which I try to scan in a suitable environment.

In the section "Aviation" I show first of all aircraft of the former Swiss airline Swissair. Here I try to create a relationship between model and role model.

The texts for all models are to a large extent from the relevant specialist literature, possible errors are not intended and the information may differ from actual data due to different sources.
The respective comments on the models reflect my personal opinion, are related to the particular model shown and are therefore not necessarily the "non plus ultra".

On occasion, I always take photos again ..... so my collection remains relatively flexible.
To the photos a little bit ....... With one exception (New York) all photos were taken in front of real backgrounds, so on site or a replica of my background ... no photoshop or the like :)

In this sense
Many greetings from Switzerland

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