Collection "Chriskitt" | BMW M road vehicles 1:43

BMW M GmbH was founded in 1972 as a part of the company for the sporty products of the BMW brand. At that time it was still officially called BMW Motorsport GmbH – it has been trading as BMW M GmbH since 1993. The newly created sports department was initially intended to bundle and professionalize BMW's racing activities. And this should also include a uniform appearance, called corporate identity. The basis for this should be a concise color scheme. Designer Seehaus was partly responsible for this: He created the BMW M colors, the color combination of blue, violet and red. "Blue stands for the BMW brand, red for motorsport and violet for this unique connection." 🔵 🔴 BMW M is more than a brand, the strongest letter in the world is an exciting attitude towards life. Anyone who has experienced the fascination of M will never let it go. M GmbH not only lives this emotionality in its automobiles 100% BMW M Power In this part of my collection you will find all models M1 to XM Focus on vehicles from M GmbH with (Motorsport DNA From the racetrack to the road) Born on the racetrack the world #WeAreM. #50yearsBMWM M - The strongest letter in the world former BMW Motorsport GmbH. May 24, 1972